1. DAOstack Limited has exhausted the capital raised via the GEN token sale in 2018.
  2. Common, a platform for open collaboration and the main focus of DAOstack in recent years, is almost ready for production.
  3. We invite contributors to join the **CommonX** — an open collaboration of builders using Common to further develop Common and bring it to market, under the the terms and conditions set in the Common Open Development (COD) agreement.


The DAOstack project was initiated in 2017 with an ambitious goal to build an infrastructure for global coordination. For that sake, DAOtack Limited, a non-profit in Gibraltar, has been founded. In May 2018, DAOstack Limited concluded fundraising via the GEN token sale, and has focused since then on developing technology and products for DAOs.

In the 5 years since then, DAOstack Limited has developed several products, including the Arc modular framework for DAO governance, the Alchemy DAO platform which has been notably used by the DXdao to on-chain manage tens of millions of dollars, Common, a platform for open collaboration, and several other DAO products which did not reach the stage of production.

Recent developments

Towards the end of 2022, with the experience of down market and the depletion of its capital, DAOstack Limited decided to shut down all of its other projects and focus on Common. Unfortunately, we have exhausted remaining capital before succeeding in bringing Common into market readiness. Nevertheless, we, in DAOstack Limited and among the builders of Common, strongly believe in the vision of Common, in the product that has been developed thus far, and in the ability to turn it into a game-changing platform for open collaboration in the immediate future.

The program

To enable Common realizing its potential, we announce the Common Open Development (COD) program, in which we invite interested contributors to participate in the development of Common and in bringing it to market success. In summary, the program offers the follows:

  1. DAOstack Limited will grant participants a non-exclusive limited license to use and further develop the Common product.
  2. Participants will be acknowledged for and retain ownership of their contributions. DAOstack Limited will be acknowledged for and retain ownership of its past contribution.
  3. DAOstack and contributors may decide to use or sell the jointly developed product, or rights to use it. In such an event, contributors will share any proceeds according to their contribution.